Season 1: "The Naked Truth about God"

 filmed in Las Vegas (2018)

Forget about church, religion and what your neighbors think. Sit back, pour yourself a cold one and join us for a new kind of service. We’re here for one purpose -- to drink beer and talk about God, with some of the most interesting people on the planet.

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Season 1 filmed

in Las Vegas, Nevada

Filming of Season 1 (12 Episodes) takes place in "Sin City", where two friends, entrepreneurs and highly controversial 'Christians' talk about God, while relating to real-life experiences. From sparring with UFC fighters to getting knuckle tattoos; getting invited to private tastings with iconic chefs, and exploring the world-famous "Las Vegas Strip" -- hosts Matt Cook and Grant Anderson make some wild new friends, then sit back with each of them to drink beer and talk about God. While questioning everything, they discover that God's love is bigger than what people do, it's about who they are.

I love this! I'm a Christian too and like to drink beer. Haha. But really this is so inspiring. Bless you guys!

Verna A.

Man, this is amazing.

Alex W.

I've never seen something like this before! I love it so much!

Rachel C.

Thanks guys. Man, you are running over with positivity, enthusiasm and great ideas - glory to God, Amen

Alan B.

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